Thumb Saddle Joint, Short - S

Size: Small S
Sides: Left
Catalog Number: 15 412 118

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This splint will immobilize the basic joint (MCP) ans the saddle joint (CMC) of the thumb. This splint can be used from the initial treatment right through until final healing. With its cotton lining and velour outside it is a comfortable splint which can be readjusted as needed.



This splint is especially for the saddle joint (CMC) of the thumb in cases of arthritis, fracture, and following surgery. It can also be used as a resting splint.

How to use:

Slide the splint onto the injuried thumb and with careful and gentle pressure shape the splint. Fasten into place with the straps provided. Opening the straps allows for th splint to be removed. The frequency of removal should be advised by a professional.

General Info:

The assistance of competent personal is required - as much as possible - for the first application. The splints are not sterile; do not use on an open wound. When bending and forming, counter pressure is necessary. To avoid injury from sharp metallic edges, the splints and the enforced straps must only be bent/adjusted by careful pressing and they should never be cut. Frequent opening and closing of the splint can damage it. Opening and closing must be restricted to the absolute minimum; to remove the splint, open the straps from the same side every time. This allows for its removal and replacement without opening the whole splint every time. Slip the hand in and out and close the straps again.

Measurement / Additional info:
Sizes Marking Measurement*
4 Small - S <8cm
6 Medium - M 8-9cm
8 Large - L >9cm

* Width of Palm