First Aid Wind Up Splint - S

Size: Small S
Sides: Both sides
Catalog Number: 1 402 210

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This multipurpose splint can be shaped to support an injuried shoulder, arm, knee, or ankle to reduce pain and for transporting.  It is lightweight and is ideal for outfitters and sports teams.


This splint is to be used as a first response to an injury.  It will secure the limb into a secure position to reduce pain and further damage while transporting.

How to use:

Initial shaping should be preformed on an uninjuried limb and then, with gentle pressure, carefully apply the splint to the injuried limb and secure into place. When bending and forming, cournter pressure is required.

General Info:

The main component of the Chrisofix splints is a thin, corrugated aluminum core covered by skin friendly material.  The pre-shaped splints can be applied and perfectly fitted to the injured body part quickly, without heat or water.  Chrisofix splints are lightweight, transparent to X-rays and are delivered with a 'CE' mark.

To avoid injury from sharp metallic edges, the splints must only be bent by carefully pressing and they should never be cut.  The splints are not sterile and should not be used on an open wound.

Measurement / Additional info:
Sizes Marking Measurement
4 Small - S 600mm x 110mm
8 Large - L 900mm x 110mm