Palmar Forearm Splint, basic S

Size: Small S
Sides: Both sides
Catalog Number: 71 411 119

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This splint is used to support the wrist, hand and fingers after injury, surgery, degenerative disease.

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This splint is used for immobilization of the wrist, hand and fingers in cases of injury, following surgery, as a conservative treatment of tendonitis, and treatment for degenerative diseases like arthritis. Can be used as a resting splint.

How to use:

Place the injured limb into the splint and, with careful and gentle pressure, adjust the splint. The hand and arm should be fixed into the proper position. Fasten the straps provided. Opening the straps allows for the splint to be removed.

General Info:

Basic version splints use cloth straps for comfort when full circular support is not required. Forte version splints use aluminum core cloth covered straps and offer full circular support and can be used as an alternative to plaster/fiberglass casting. To avoid injury form sharp metallic edges, the splints and the enforced straps must only be bent/adjusted by carefully pressing and should never be cut. When bending and forming, counter pressure is necessary. The rough adjustment should not be preformed on any injured body part, but, if possible, on the un-injured site. Fine adjustment/readjustments can be made without removing the splint. Frequent opening and closing of the splint can damage it. Opening and closing must be restricted to the absolute minimum; to remove the splint, open only one side of the splint. Slip the hand out and in and close the straps again. This allows for its removal and replacement without opening the whole splint every time. To increase the wearing comfort, additional padding from terry cloth can be ordered separately.

Measurement / Additional info:
Sizes Marking Measurement*
1 Children small XXXS <14.5 cm
2 Children large XXS 14.5 - 15.5 cm
3 Extra Small XS 15.5 - 16.5 cm
4 Small S 16.5 - 17.5 cm
6 Medium M 17.5 - 19 cm
8 Large L 19 < cm

* length of hand

palmar forearm measurement