Finger Splint, Bendable XS

Size: Extra small XS
Sides: Both sides
Catalog Number: 10 112 310

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This splint is used to immobilize a finger.


This splint can be used to immobilize a finger following an injury, surgery or in cases of degenerative diseases.

How to use:

When bending and forming the splint counter pressure in necessary. Roughly form the splint to the correct shape before placing on the injured finger, then with gentle pressure form to the injured finger. Fasten the splint with tape. If desired, you can bend the splint into the required position.


General Info:

These splints can be applied without any special training. They are not sterile, do not use on an open wound. Fine adjustment/readjustment can be made without removing the splint. To avoid injury from sharp metallic edged, the splints should never be cut.

Measurement / Additional info:
Sizes Marking Measurement*
1 Extra small XS 4.3 cm
2 Small S 5.5 cm
4 Medium M 6.5 cm
8 Large L 7.2 cm
9 Extra Large XL 9.7 cm

* length of the splint

Finger splint measuring

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