Mallet Finger Splint S

Size: Small S
Sides: Both sides
Catalog Number: 11 412 310

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This splint is used to immobilize and protect the finger tip.


This splint can be used to immobilize a finger following an injury, surgery or in cases of degenerative diseases.

How to use:

Apply the splint to the injured finger and, with gentle pressure, form the splint to fit snugly. Fasten the splint into place with a piece of tape.

General Info:

These splints can be applied without any special training. They are not sterile, do not use on an open wound. Fine adjustment/readjustment can be made without removing the splint. To avoid injury from sharp metallic edged, the splints should never be cut.

Measurement / Additional info:
Sizes Marking Measurement*
4 Small S 4 cm
6 Medium M 5 cm
8 Large L 6 cm

* length of the splint

Mallet finger splint measuring

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