Thumb Orthesis XS

Size: Extra small XS
Sides: Both sides
Catalog Number: 16 212 119

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This splint is used to support and immobilize the thumb.

You can also purchase additional Thumb Orthesis Terry Cloth Liners.


This splint is used for immobilization of the MCP joint of the thumb in cases of injury (sprain or strain), degenerative diseases, inflammation, and following surgery.

How to use:

Apply the splint to the injured thumb and, with gentle pressure, form the splint to fit the thumb. Fasten the splint into place with the straps supplied. You can remove the splint without modifying the shape by opening the band on the arm and slipping the thumb out.

General Info:

The advise and assistance of a professionally competent person is advised for the first time use. The splints are not sterile; do not use on an open wound. Fine adjustment/readjustment can be made without removing the splint. To avoid injury from sharp metallic edged, the splints should never be cut. To increase wearing comfort, additional liners can be ordered separately.

Measurement / Additional info:

thumb orthesis measurement

Sizes Marking Measurement*
2 Extra Small XS 6-7 cm
4 Small S 7-8 cm
6 Medium M 8-9 cm
8 Large L 9 < cm

*IP joint of the humb - line of wrist