Rib Fracture Splint S

Size: Small S
Sides: Both sides
Catalog Number: 60 412 610

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This is a revolutionary device used for the treatment of rib fractures.


This splint is an aluminum core, foam coated, skin friendly device that immediately reduces pain and increases healing time by up to 30%. The rib fracture splint is easy to adjust and is continuously secure while in the required position.  It is comfortable to wear, hypoallergenic and X-ray transparent. The device is for a single use of about ten days - if longer treatment is necessary a new splint is required.

How to use:

Once precise localization of the fractured ribs has been determined, apply the splint. On the non-injured side, roughly adjust the splint to fit the chest. The skin should be shaved clean and dry before application. Position the splint so that the arrows on the splint follow the direction of the ribs. Peel off the cover sheet marked with the arrows and apply the splint to the skin on the fracture region. Pull the over sheet from the frame of the splint and press the adhesive edges on the skin.

General Info:

The assistance of a professionally competent person is advised for the first time application. The splints are not sterile; do not use on an open wound. To avoid injury from sharp metallic edges, the splint must only be bent and should never be cut.



Measurement / Additional info:
Sizes Marking
4 Small S (12 x 17 cm)
8 Large L (17 x 17 cm)



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